Concession Stand Policy and Schedule

In accordance with the “Parent Code of Conduct” agreement everyone signed on their registration form: At a minimum, each family must work four two and one half hour shifts at our concession stand. Once those shifts are worked the $150 stand deposit will be refunded.

Parents WILL NOT be allowed to SEND minors to work their shifts or BRING minors with them during their shift. A substitute worker must be at least 18 years of age.

If you miss even one stand commitment, you forfeit your entire stand deposit. When it rains and a game is canceled, you should be contacted by the Woman’s Auxiliary to make up your shift, but it is ultimately your responsibility to reschedule any rained out or canceled shift. If your family has not worked all four shifts, your deposit will not be refunded.

Once the season starts, the stand time that you signed up for CAN NOT BE CHANGED. Of coarse if your time is rained out we will work with you on completing your stand time.

Any parent or substitute worker sent home for any reason forfeits their entire stand time.

We want to again remind all of our members that these positions are all volunteer.

We expect all members, fans and players to act in a respectful manner at the stand when ordering or completing their stand time.

Question: Some of the policy’s seem quite harsh for a youth baseball league. Are you running a baseball league or a business?

Answer: When it comes to the stand we have no choice but to run it like a business.  The E.P.A.A. operates entirely by members fees, sponsors and stand reveune. We receive money from no other entities. The concession stand revenue is a vital part of the E.P.A.A. Without this revenue the league would either not exsist or be too expensive for the average person to join.

Question: I don’t think it’s fair that the league won’t let me reschedule my stand time, some things are unavoidable. Why do you have this policy?

Answer: With almost 200 players it would take a full-time job to accommodate the requests that are coming in. We don’t think it’s fair on our volunteers who already give countless hours of their time. Not to mention, whether something comes up or not, like a business, the games and stand still need to operate that night.

Question: You state any parent or substitute worker sent home for any reason forfeits their entire stand time. What do you mean by this?

Answer: On some rare occasions we’ve had parents be unruly in the stand or not follow procedure when handling food or money. If this happens we will asks the worker to leave with NO REFUND given.

Question: What will happen if I send my teenage child or someone else to work my stand time?

Answer: We will send them home and if you don’t show up we will consider it a forfeit.

Question: Why do I sometimes see teenagers in the stand if you have a policy against allowing a parents older child to work?

Answer: The Association has a group of teenagers that will work if someone doesn’t show up for or forfeits their stand time. These people have filled out background checks and have filled out all other paper to be eligible to work in the stand.

Question: When will I get my refund?.

Answer: After you work all of your shifts your refund check should be available within a week.  For this Season we will mail refund checks back to the Name and Address on the check used at Registration.


Stand times are listed by your child’s name. If you have multiple children only one child is listed.

Please let us know in advance if you don’t plan on working your stand time.

For any questions on the concession stand schedule, reschedule rain outs or refunds, please contact

If you do not see your player listed contact to arrange your stand times.  Stand Deposits are only refunded when stand time is confirmed as completed.

Officers on Duty and stand managers kids are not listed.


E.P.A.A. Board