Sunday League

If there are enough kids interested we will offer Sunday League Baseball.

 Sunday Baseball in an extra curricular program offered by the Evergreen Park Athletic Association. It is for boys and girls ages 9-14. The Chicagoland Sunday Baseball League runs it. For more information on the Chicagoland Sunday Baseball League click here to visit their Web site.

We STRONGLY recommend every parent thinking of having their child play Sunday League Ball please read carefully through the entire letter before joining!

The Athletic Association wants everyone to understand that Sunday League Ball is not ALL-STARS. We also want everyone to understand that
depending on the interest at each level, we may not have a team or spot available for every player who wants to join at certain age group.

Any questions after reading the letter please Email us here

Mission Statement

Sunday League Baseball is for players looking to play at a higher level, while also getting to participate in more games for the season.


There are 3 teams in 2011. There is a 9-10, a 11-12 team, and  a 13-14-year-old team.

Players must play on the team of their league age. League age determination date is April 30. Exceptions may be made if there isn’t a team for a player’s age group.


The Sunday League starts in early April and runs through the second or third week of June. Teams may also schedule several games during the week.

Question and Answer

What is the cost? The cost is $80 for 9-10s and 11-12s & $90 for the 13-14s

How do I sign up? You can sign up at any of the league registrations during the  month of February. Players who don’t sign up in February may not be offered a spot.  For 2013 we opened Sunday league registration late.  Make arrangements with Tom Goodman to use payment as registration.  First Come First on the roster.

What if the league doesn’t have enough players or a manager at a certain age group to field a team? We won’t have a team at that age group.

Who’s managing at each level?

Jerry Hayes / Steve Betts, 9-10

John Altman, 11-12s

Jim Fitzpatrick / Tom Goodman, 13-14s

Does the league make money on the Sunday Program? No, the fee covers uniform, hat, socks, umpires and league fee to join. The Athletic Association is lucky to break even.

Is the Sunday League All-Stars? NO! We want to make clear that joining the Sunday League doesn’t guarantee a player a spot on an all-star team.

If a player doesn’t join the Sunday League can they still make All-Stars? ABSOLUTELY! Players will be judged and voted on their in-house performance for all-stars. Players should feel no pressure to join Sunday League as all-stars are concerned.

How good does a player have to be to play Sunday Ball? That’s a difficult question. Our teams will be playing teams from other towns. We assume these players will be descent to very good players. Again this isn’t all-stars, so the league doesn’t want to discourage anybody from trying out. Parents and players should use their best judgment.

Will Sunday Ball make a player better? As in life, you get out of it, what you put in to it.

Is the Sunday League structure different from the league’s All-Star Structure? Yes. The Sunday structure only allows players to play with their age group. Most of the league’s All-Star teams are made up of players from multiple age groups. This fact already ensures that the Sunday teams won’t be the same makeup of the all-star teams. To view the all-star structure click on the document in the all-star link on the league’s home page.

Does the league expect previous all-star players to join the Sunday League? Yes. The Sunday league is geared toward players looking to play at a higher level, while also playing in more games for the season. So we expect many previous all-star players to join. But just because a player made an all-star team the previous season(s) doesn’t mean they’ll be an all-star this year. Hence, being on a Sunday team also doesn’t guarantee making an all-star team.

Will my child’s performance in Sunday League be judged for making all-stars? No. Managers will be required to vote on in-house performance for all-stars. Also, Sunday Ball plays with different rules than our in-house league, so picking an all-star team from Sunday Ball performance would not be wise for managers; this is particularly the case at the 9-12 levels.

Why is it particularly the case at the 9-12 levels? Because the rules are different. At the 11-12-year-old level there is lead-offs, balks, etc. Also, the 9 & 10-year-old teams also have different rules. So while a player may be performing well during Sunday League, that might not be conducive to the Little League tournament teams.

Will we be playing full-time travel teams? No, the Chicagoland Sunday is for full-time house league players. It is not catered to full-time travel teams.

What does the league do for uniforms? Players will receive a hat, socks, and t-shirt.

Are their standings? No standings are kept. Game results are published on the Chicagoland Sunday Baseball League Web site

How do the rosters work? Each teams can take up to 12 or 13 players on a team.

What if the league gets more than 14 players at a certain age group? Ideally we’d have a spot for everybody, or have enough players to field two teams. But if this isn’t the case we may have to cut players or have a tryout.

What rules does the Sunday League follow? Chicagoland Sunday baseball follows Pony rules. They are much different than Little League rules.

Where do we play our games? We will have 5 home games and 5 games at other town’s fields.

When does it start and when does it end? It starts April 14 and runs 10 weeks.

Where are the teams in the league from? The 2008 season had 3,000 players, almost 225 teams and 60 different organizations that participated. The teams go east to Indiana, south to Peotone, west to Marseilles and north to Elmwood Park.