E.P.A.A. Parent Code of Conduct

When parents/guardians register their child they agree to follow the ‘Parent Code of Conduct’ agreement on their child’s registration form.  Whether or not each parent signs the registration form, all parents, family members, and fans are subject to follow guidelines set forth in the ‘Parent Code of Conduct’.

1. Parents are expected to support and encourage their child’s efforts. Attending games and cheering for the teams is a show of support; however parents are always reminded to act in a responsible manner and show good sportsmanship.

2. Parents should make no attempt to instruct or direct the play of an athlete or of
the team. They should not criticize the playing efforts of any athlete or of the
team. Parents should not approach players during warm-ups, during the game
or while on the bench to communicate with the players.

3. Parents will be a model for putting losses in perspective and moving on.
Questioning, criticizing, or berating the coach, referees, or any other official is
inappropriate behavior.

4. Any parent/volunteer/fan guilty of inappropriate behavior at any game or
practice will be asked to leave the sports facility and be suspended from the
following game. Repeat violations may cause a multiple game suspension, or
the season forfeiture. Failure to leave the facility immediately when asked will
lead to further disciplinary action.

5. Any physical confrontation of a coach, player, parent, E.P.A.A. staff, or umpires
by any person within the program is grounds for dismissal of the parent and
player from the Evergreen Park Athletic Association and Evergreen Park Little
League program without recourse or financial refund. The Physical Confrontation
rule will also include threats of violence and intimidation by verbal abuse.

6. Parents must understand the importance of their child’s attendance at all games
and practices. Parents should be on time when picking up players after games
and/or practices.

7. Parents will provide transportation for their children to and from games and
practices. Coaches are not covered with liability insurance for chauffeur service;
therefore, they should not transport athletes at any time.

8. Parents will communicate directly with the coach and League Officials on
matters of concern. They will do so at appropriate times, not immediately
before, during, or directly after a game.

9. For the E.P.A.A. to be successful, all families must contribute their time and service. A
volunteer program is dependent upon everyone’s help and support to maintain a
high level of quality and success.

10. At a minimum, each family must work four two and one half hour shifts at our concession stand. Parents. WILL NOT be allowed to send minors to work their shifts. A substitute worker must be at least 18 years of age.

11. If you miss even one stand commitment, you forfeit your entire stand deposit. When it rains and a game is canceled, you should be contacted by the Woman’s Auxiliary to make up your shift, but it is ultimately your responsibility to reschedule any rained out or canceled shift. If your family has not worked all four shifts, your deposit will not be refunded.

12. Refund policy: Once the drafts are conducted there will be NO REFUNDS given for the current season. There are also no refunds or prorated refunds if a player misses games or cannot complete the season because of injury or illness. If a player quits before the season we will refund their stand time. Once the season starts NO REFUNDS will be given for stand time.

13. Whether or not each parent signs the registration form, all parents, guardians,
family members, and fans are subject to follow guidelines set forth in the ‘Parent Code of Conduct’.

14. The Evergreen Park Athletic Association reserves the right to take appropriate
disciplinary action involving any parent/guardian/volunteer in violation of the
code of conduct. The E.PA.A. Executive Board will determine the seriousness
and punishment of any code of conduct infraction. The E.P.A.A.’s Executive
Board’s ruling is final.

15. The Evergreen Park Athletic Association is a paperless league. ALL communication is done through email, twitter and PRIMARILY through the league’s Web site. It is up to parents and players to stay informed through those forms of communication.