Travel Ball Stance

E.P.A.A. Policy On Travel Ball And Playing In Other Baseball Leagues
The E.P.A.A. has adopted a policy that WILL NOT allow players to play in the E.P.A.A. who have joined another baseball organization. (This does not apply to kids playing with their grammar school or high school teams.)
Question: Why doesn’t the E.P.A.A. want players playing in other leagues?
Answer: We have several reasons. The main reason is for the safety of the player. We want to avoid burnout for any player! We also don’t want another baseball league to be the cause of problems for any of our teams. A player showing up for E.P.A.A. games only when that player doesn’t have a travel game isn’t good for our league.

The E.P.A.A. prides itself on keeping roster size down at all levels. The ideal number of players on each team is 11 or 12. That way ALL players get more of a chance to play. If players are committed to other baseball leagues it means our league teams would have to find more replacement players during the season. We want to try to avoid that as much as possible. Also, we have seen the devastation that travel leagues have caused on other leagues and want to avoid that for our league.
In closing we encourage parents and players to do what they feel is best for their child in deciding whether to consider travel baseball. As parents consider what’s best for their child, the E.P.A.A. board must consider what’s best for the league so there’s a place for children to play baseball long term.
The Evergreen Park Athletic Association is a community league first and foremost, and we reserve the right at any time to remedy any problem or conflict with a player, parent or manager/coach’s participation in another baseball program anyway we see fit. Fortunately, we’ve been lucky so far. Few kids have left to play travel baseball. Over the past few seasons, top players on Brother Rice, Mount Carmel, St. Rita, Marist and Evergreen Park High Schools have graduated through the E.P.A.A. Little League and Junior League program. Some have gone on to college and earned scholarships. Most of those players didn’t play travel ball at all.
Question: What will the E.P.A.A. do if it finds out a player has joined another baseball league?
Answer: We will remove that player from their team’s roster and there will be NO REFUND given.
Question: Why doesn’t this rule apply to grammar school or high school teams?
Answer: Little League rules specifically allow for players to play for their school teams.