Woman’s Auxillary

The Woman’s Auxiliary is made up of moms who dedicate their time to generate revenue for the league through the concession stand. Without this revenue the league would either cease to exsist or be to expensive for the average person to join.

Mom’s can serve either as officers or stand managers.

We want to again remind all of our members that these positions are all volunteer.

We expect all members, fans and players to act in a respectful manner at the stand when ordering or completing their stand time.

EPAA Woman’s Auxiliary Board:

Woman’s Auxiliary President:  Andrea Gertonson

Woman’s Auxiliary Vice President: TBD

Woman’s Auxiliary Secretary: Amy Goggin

Schedule re-posted 5/16/2012 due to 404 errors.

Concession Stand schedule 2012

If you do not see your child’s name on the schedule you need to arrange your stand times with Stand@epaalittleleague.com or you will loose your stand deposit.