E.P.A.A. Twitter and Email

There’s an even easier way to find out if a game is canceled or  to be informed quickly of  league announcements on the Web site.

You can now “follow” us on Twitter. YOU DON’T NEED TO SIGN UP OR HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT.


1.  text the words “follow EPAALL” to 40404

2. THAT’S IT! You are now set up to receive all updates from EPAA as a text message directly/immediately to your cell phone.

You can have your child, spouse, grandparents and family sign up.

Tweets are nothing more than a text message to the entire world – made more easy through cell phones.

We encourage EVERYBODY to sign up, especially for those don’t have Internet on their phone or at home and don’t like checking email, this is for you.

Again, you don’t need to have a Twitter account…

It is important to remind everyone that the Web site still will be the primary means of communication about all more detailed league information!

We really have encouraged all our coaches to sign up, and believe signing up to receive text messages is the fastest way you’ll everyone will learn if there’s a game canceled or the Website has been updated.

For those who prefer email or would like to be signed up for both please keep reading.

The E.P.A.A. has a new email system. Although everyone gave us their email at registration, because of SPAM reasons the provider WILL NOT let us add new parents to the email list. However, you can opt in by going to the “ABOUT US/CONTACT US”  menu, and go to the drop down menu “SIGN UP FOR E.P.A.A. EMAIL LIST”, and put your information in there.

If you were already on the E.P.A.A. Email list, then you should receive an email confirming you still want to be getting emails from the league. There is NO NEED to sign up again. You can also add emails or delete yourself by going to the  “SIGN UP FOR E.P.A.A. EMAIL LIST MENU”.

Finally, we want everyone to remember that all league communication is done through the Web site, the email will only be used to tell you when the Web site is updated.


E.P.A.A. Board