Little League State Finalist Way goes online

Established in 1951, the Evergreen Park Athletic Association has a long storied history.  The E.P.A.A. is one of the oldest baseball leagues in the state of Illinois and one of the original chartered Little Leagues in the state of Illinois.

Along the first base side of Norris Field is Little League State Finalist Way.

Little League State Finalist Way recognizes Evergreen Park Little League’s storied history in Little League State Tournaments at all levels,  including a sign for every team that made the State Finals, and two signs for the two state tournaments hosted by Evergreen Park Little League at Norris Field.

There’s a wonderful Web site that gives a history of the 11- & 12-year-old Illinois Little League State Tournament and other states and regions throughout the country. Click here to check out

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The 2009 Little League State Tournament drew a record crowd of over 2000 fans for the championship game. The championship game was also seen by tens of thousands on Comcast 100 and OnDemand.
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