Regular-season and Sunday League schedules

Parents: Please read some VERY IMPORTANT information about the schedules below!

With nearly 35 percent of participants new to the league this year, we wanted to give everyone a feel or reminder on how the schedules are put together.

As you know the league is entirely paperless. So we will not be handing out any league schedules.

We ask that you print it out from the Web site.

Putting together the schedules is a colossal task that involved all the league commissioners, the league’s executive committee and representatives from every league in Illinois Little League District 8.

We did the best we can to try avoid school functions and other activities that may conflict with games. But with players going to as many as six to seven different elementary and junior high schools it is impossible to avoid all conflicts. Having one main field means that we can’t take off any days during the year. With the exception of Easter and Memorial Day weekend, the field will be in operation almost every day from April 11 to the end of July.

Amount of games

The E.P.A.A. offers more games during the regular season than most leagues. We do this for several reasons. 1. To enhance a players playing experience so he or she can get more playing time. 2. With everyone living busy lives we hope that if you have to miss a game or two it won’t be as bad by scheduling more games. 3. Interleague play allows us to schedule more games.

Interleague games

The E.P.A.A. also participates in interleague play with all other members of Illinois District 8 Little League (Alsip, Chicago Ridge, and Palos Hills).  This includes home and away games. Interleague play gives the kids a chance to play other competition, while also gaining the experience of playing at other parks. We do limit the number of away games so there’s not extensive travel. Also, District 8 offers a Pee-Wee, Minor, Major and Junior League interleague tournament from June 4-June 11 this year. The purpose of the interleague tournament is to give all players the chance to experience what it’s like to play in a tournament atmosphere for one week. All players receive pins and the champion gets a team banner and traveling trophy. Overall we feel interleague play is a great thing for the league and we hope it enhances everyone’s playing experience. The interleague tournament schedules are posted in seperate links under each division. The schedules are done, but the drawings for the tournament don’t take place until the end of April.

Rain outs/makeup games

If there is a rainout the only day we can makeup games at the Minor, Major and Junior level is on Sunday. We realize people have church and other family events on Sunday, so we do try to schedule makeup games ahead of time so that you can avoid conflicts or attend services on Saturday if that’s possible. The makeup schedule will be posted on the Web site. Pee-Wee can makeup games during the week because they have more fields. T-ball games are not made up. Because we play a large number of games we may not always be able to makeup all rainouts. Also, interleague games are rarely made up because of the logistics involved in rescheduling.

Night games

There is a night game every day of the week. We realize that kids have school, but with one field we need to schedule a night game every night in order to have a complete schedule. We do however want to point out a couple of things. 1. We tried to balance the schedule so that each team will only have a few night games during the school year. 2. Minor and Major games sometimes only last an hour and 15 minutes, so they won’t always be playing very late into the night.

We have always done the schedule this way and it has worked out fine and we’re sure this will continue. For an explanation of the league time procedures please go to the “Coaches Corner” link and click on time procedure.

Balance of schedule

Because of interleague play it is impossible to have everybody play the same amount of games. The complexity of the schedule also means teams may be playing each other back to back or getting a longer layoff than we’d like during the season, so don’t be surprised if that happens. Interleague games count in the standings for all leagues. Pitching records also apply.

Junior League (playing at different field dimensions)

The EPAA plays it’s home Junior League games at the dimensions of a 54 foot mound and 80 foot bases. When on the road at Chicago Ridge or Palos the dimension will be 60 foot, mound and 90 foot bases. Make no mistake about it the longer dimensions will make it harder on ALL players. The 60-90 dimension is what freshman players in high school and our Senior League (15-16) play. It’s a different game. Slower, less pitcher dominated. We feel this is a good oppurtunity for players to get a taste of what it’s like to play at the next level. The interleague tournament and some all-star tournaments we be played at 60-90. So playing at this dimension will also help players prepare for that. Overall it will be challenging, but we’ve done it over the past few seasons and it’s worked out great.


The playoff schedules are set at the end of each schedule. They won’t be moved (unless there’s rain on the actually playoff date or during playoff week). ALL teams make the playoffs and will be seeded after the games of June 17th. Teams will be seeded by winning percentage not record. The playoff rules and tiebreaking process can be found in the “Coahces Corner” link if you click on each league’s rules.


Players are required to play 60 percent of their regular-season games to be eligible for all-stars. Note: There is an injury or illness exemption for this rule. In that case a player must still make 50 percent of games to be eligible for all-stars. The executive committee must approve all exemptions. Note: High school players are exempt from this rule as long as they make 60 percent of their games after their high school season ends. More information on all-stars can be found in the all-star link on the main page.

We thank you for reading through this letter. Any questions please  Email us here.


E.P.A.A. Board

2013 Schedule coming soon

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