T-Ball Registration / FAQ

Thanks for your interest in T-Ball with EPAA.  Since you will be new to the League we wanted to put together some helpful information or answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Ages 4, 5 & 6 – With new age charts from Little League a 4 year old could play if the Parent feels they are ready.

Games/Practices:  Games start the 1st week of May through end of June weather permitting.  Most games for T-Ball are Tuesday/Thursday at 5:45PM and Saturday 10AM.  Occasionally there is an opening on the Big Field and thing will get juggled.  Most Coaches will have a couple of pre-season practices and then do warm ups before a game.  We have had Coaches that depending on their schedule have more practices.  The Show-Off Games (Championship) will be the last Saturday in June  (this may change as schedules are not complete).

There are Opening Ceremonies Saturday April 16th, 2016 were we line the field with all players in uniform.  The teams will be chosen the April 9th and you will receive a call/text/or e-mail from the Coach.  Most likely with the weather you will meet the Coach at the Opening Ceremonies and receive the uniform.

Uniform – Hat and Team Shirt (usually over-sized to fit a sweatshirt under).  Wait for the Coach to tell you about baseball pants before you purchase.  Some teams wear them others don’t.  Same with cleats.   T-Ball does not slide into the bases.

Equipment – The league provides helmets, bases, baseballs etc.  The player will need their own mitt and bat.  Sometimes players may share bats.  To practice on your own you should have your own.

Costs – $75 League Fee, $60 Raffle Tickets (1 book per family) = $135

Stand – Each Family needs to volunteer at the concession stand for 4 games to be scheduled with our Women’s Auxiliary.   A separate $150 check is cashed after opening day and refunded from the Volunteer Account after Stand Times are completed.

Credit Card – The Online Registration Tool will accept Credit Cards.   A payment plan was established to help spread payments out over 4 payments: When you Register, April, May and June.  If you Register late you will be charged up to date.  The Stand Deposit is part of the online payment.  If you complete stand time before June we can cancel the payment plan and refund the balance of the deposit.


Treats – Each Team should assign a Team Organizer to make a treat schedule.  There will be Pizza and Hot Dog Team Specials at the Stand or you can do juice boxes and some snack.  Strangely the most important part of baseball at this age, the players want treats.

Thunderbolts Family Night – New for 2016 we will sell tickets as part of a fund raiser and get all our families together for a night out watching the big boys play.  Hold the date Friday June 10th.

Picnic – On Saturday June 18th we host a Picnic on the Big Field where teams set up tents and get to meet everyone from all levels in a community event.  Jumpy Fun, DJ and Face Painter will be there too.  Last year a 16 inch Softball game broke out with the Coaches and older players.  We had Mom’s and Dad’s participate as well in games.

I am sure we missed a bunch of things so ask.  contact@epaalittleleague.com