Spring 2015 On-Line Registration Link and Pricing for Credit Cards

Thank you for your interest in our program. We are pleased to offer convenient on-line registration for the EPAA Spring 2014 season

EPAA Little League Baseball which covers Evergreen Park and Mount Greenwood residence is open for Spring 2015 On-Line Registrations. Follow this link to the registration page.


How do I pay? We accept Visa & Mastercard through this online registration tool.

There is a $60 Raffle Ticket cost per family.

There is a Refundable $150 Concession Stand fee required by ALL families.  4 Stand Shifts for a refund check.

(4,5,6) T-Ball $75

(7-8) Pee-Wee $100

(9-10) Minor League $120

(11-12) Major League $120

(13-14) Junior League $160

(15-16) Senior League $250 (No Raffle or Concession fee)

T-Ball thru Junior League can use a Payment Plan option which is:

Pay Plan: 25% initial payment, 25% on 4/1/15; 25% on 5/1/15; and 25% on 6/1/15

If you are using the payment plan and sign up after one of the payment dates you will be charged accordingly.  Example sign up late on April 15th you will be charged for the 1st and 2nd payments and then 25% on May 1st & June 1st.