We will do our best as an organization to relentlessly pursue and win the Little League District 8 and State Championship, along with the Pony Nationals tournaments. We will try to put all teams in the best position to win.

Costs / Schedules

Costs / Schedules

Dear E.P.A.A. All-Stars Parents & Coaches, Below you will find a breakdown of expenses related to your specific All-Star team. Individual costs will vary depending upon if your team is hosting a tournament, number of tournaments played, number of kids on the team, etc. Approximately 30 percent of the players in the league get a […]

All-Star Schedule as of Jun 19 2013 changes to follow

8’s Chicago Ridge for District 8 Invitational Tournament @ Hinsdale Thursday Invitational Tournament @ Evergreen Park   9’s Berkley Invitational Tournament @ Hinsdale We have dates for District Teams attached.  The tournaments to be added soon. 2013 All-Stars District Schedule Some of our teams are playing in tournaments other than the District 8 games and […]