Pee-Wee Division (ages 7-8)

Pee-Wee (ages 7-8)
The Pee-Wee Division is for boys and girls ages 7-8. It lets players build on the basic
fundamentals learned in T Ball. Fielding skills are expanded as players learn to field a
ground ball and throw to a base, catch a pop fly and learn how to get an out for their
The catcher and pitcher positions are introduced. Players continue to play and learn
all defensive positions. Hitting is taught through the use of some modified rules at the
beginning of the season. Base running skills are introduced but no stealing of bases is
allowed. Scores are kept and standings are used for seeding at a year-end tournament
for which all teams qualify.
Also, an 8-year-old All-Star team gives children of this division the opportunity to
experience tournament competition.

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